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Alejandro is an established artist creating Modern Abstract Art for Sale. Since a very early age he always wanted to become an Artist especially a painter

Upon leaving formal education he decided that his path was in Fine Art. He was accepted into numerous established Art Schools in London, UK

Achieving a high level of draftsmanship and fascinated by color systems. Since then he has continued to gain steady exposure on the international scene


As an Abstract Artist his work can be seen as a focus on geometric colour systems. Constantly trying new techniques and pushing the level of vibrant and intertwined structures. Creating depth and pictorial space through the mesh of lines which draw the spectator inwards

“Amazing Modern Tapestries”

was the comment he received recently from a collector


Additionally he has sold to corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, who purchased 30 Artworks for their collection. His work is collected worldwide and is steadily being added to numerous fine art collections

His work is color driven and Alejandro loves the challenge that each new canvas presents itself. Different ideas come from his surroundings such as a tree in nature with its hues of pink and light turquoise on the bark. Or maybe a candy shop music video filled with pinks, oranges and ranges of harmonious blues

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