Modern Abstract Artist – Alejandro Hyam


“Modern Abstract Artist – Alejandro Hyam is a British Artist who studied Fine Art in London.

Through his many years of analytical Drawing of the figure and still life he pushed

his vision into abstraction based on linea constructed forms and geometric ideas.

Colour forms a primary basis of the making and build up of each Artwork. A final

balance and harmony comes into play when making my painting.  In creating Artwork

i want to draw the viewer into the work drawing them back again and again.

Inspired by many of the classical painters before him such as Monet and Van Gogh.

Numerous visits to Paris to see the Impressionists has brought insights into colour harmony

and the abstract qualities of the masters late works.

Through my work i push linea and geometric based ideas positioning no time or place

but a tonality of light, forms and colours.

My Artwork has been exhibited in numerous galleries and private collections worldwide

I am constantly trying to push my vision and make the collector appreciate my work

“I try to make our pricing fair and believe you will love your painting in your home or office, bringing

a wider audience of original abstract artworks to the public”


Alejandro uses the highest quality material in making each painting.

The quality of the pigment helps to ensure durability and enabling the collector to

have their artworks for a very long time.

We also have handmade stretchers prepared for each painting

which are are carefully made to ensure a quality finish.

I have always had a very close link to painting and drawing since an early age.

I always loved to get physical with my paint and materials especially

during my Art School days. The wonderful controlled uncontrolled aspect

kept me wanting to achieve more and more of a layered quality within the work.

Colours which pop right out and others which are deeper into the gaze of the spectator.

Drawing is fundamental aspect of my paintings and the relationship between the two,

which has mark making throughout the creative process

And Modern Abstract Artist Picasso once said ” To Draw you must close your eyes and sing”

Shapes, Colours, Geometry and colour theory all play a vital role to create glorious hues

and as Jackson Pollack said “Painting is self-discovery”…..